NUIA eyeCharm: Eye Tracking Control for PCs with Xbox Kinect Comes to Kickstarter

German tech company 4tiitoo wants you to meet the NUIA eyeCharm, which transforms your Microsoft Kinect from a motion sensor to an eye motion sensor. The distinction means the difference between waving your arms to control your computer and simply moving your eyes. The project recently appeared for funding on Kickstarter and is seeking $100,000.

The New eyeCharm for your Kinect.

Forget Google Glass - put these glasses on your Kinect and control your computer with your eyes. Image credit: 4tiitoo.

If you have a Kinect, you’ll be able to pick up the eyeCharm for $60. Once you snap the device onto the Kinect, you place it in front of your monitor and plug it into your computer via the Kinect’s USB cable. (More on Kinect and Windows here.) The eyeCharm then uses infrared cameras to track your eye movements as you look at your screen.

So long as you’re using a NUIA App (or an app that has been modified with the NUIA SDK), you can control it with your eye movements. You can also navigate Windows with the eyeCharm. The company is encouraging users to make their own apps and find new ways to use the eyeCharm.

As always, there are several levels of funding for the project on Kickstarter. One that caught our attention, though, is the NUIA eyeCharm for Makers level. Pledge $42, and you’ll receive the 3D files you’ll need to print out the eyeCharm (well, at least some of it) on your 3D printer. Given the attention 3D printers are getting these days, that seems like an interesting way to encourage pledges.

By the way, if you’re wondering how to pronounce the name of 4tiitoo, simply name the answer to life, the universe, and everything.