Nubrella - An Umbrella for Those Wanting to Go Hands-free in the Rain

Its name alone inspires some goofy thoughts (n00brella, anyone?), but this latest umbrella Kickstarter project does seem to have some potential. We'd have to imagine that many don't like holding onto an umbrella when in the rain - especially when it's windy and actually becomes a workout. It's just not that comfortable. That's where Nubrella comes in... it's an umbrella for those who can't or don't want to hold onto an umbrella while walking, but still need one.

The premise is sound enough, but the implementation can help us see how humorous the product actually is - or you know, at least until they become popular enough that no one thinks different any longer. Nubrella is worn like a backpack, so it's not something you'd generally take with you at all times and haul out in a spur of the moment. Instead, you'd leave the house with it, either because it's raining or because you anticipate it to. Once in the middle of the action, you simply extend the Nubrella to cover your head and then some, as seen in the promotional shot below.

It'd be easy to jump to conclusions that Nubrella is designed for lazy people, but the project's Kickstarter gives some great examples about real-world uses. A photographer shooting a sports event, for example, could use one so that he can focus on holding the camera. Or a traffic officer. Or someone who won't let the rain stop them from running, bicycling, or anything of the sort. Or how about a parent that needs to hold onto one or more kids while trekking through the rain? And let's not ignore the uses in snowstorms.

Nubrella's Kickstarter goal is $95,000, and as of the time of writing, it sits at about $3,500, with an entire month to go. If you want to support the project yourself and score a Nubrella, be prepared to cough up at least $50.

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