November 10th Target for T-Mobile Galaxy Tab?

The pricing info and date for the Samsung Galaxy Tab on Sprint's network has leaked, as has the pricing info for T-Mobile.  So far, the only date we've seen was Nov. 14th for Sprint, but we have some pretty reliable info that points to the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab being launched on Nov. 10.

Our anonymous source can't confirm the pricing info, but he said that, at least according to his contacts, Nov. 10 is a solid date for the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab launch.  We have to admit that Nov. 14 seems at least reliable for the Sprint version in terms of weekday; Sprint has a tendency to launch devices on Sundays. In terms of T-Mobile, Nov. 10 is a Wednesday, which fails to align with anything, but then T-Mobile is not as predictable as Sprint.

Leaked pricing so far has been pretty consistent, and it makes sense.  Both Sprint and T-Mobile are coming in at $399 for a Galaxy Tab with a two-year contract (although T-Mobile's reported pricing includes a $50 MIR).  Sans a contract, the Sprint version will run you $599 and the T-Mobile $649, according to the earlier leaks.  That's in line with the iPad's lowest 3G model; that device does not have a contract option but uses AT&T 3G connectivity.

Naturally, all of these are rumors, and even if accurate, the dates in particular are subject to change.  Our early information said T-Mobile was going to be last with the Galaxy Tab, but as we know when there was a sort of race to be the first with the Galaxy S smartphone, T-Mobile isn't against trying to leapfrog another carrier's date.