Not Quite Ireland, Way Past Singapore

Sales of consumer electronics in the United States are expected to reach $155 billion dollars for 2007, up from $145 billion in 2006. That's larger than the Gross Domestic Product of Singapore, but not quite the whole output of goods and services of Ireland.
Behind the strong performance was surging sales of digital consumer electronics such as flat-panel televisions.

Those same products will propel the industry in 2007, says the CEA. The TV industry alone is predicted to be worth US$26 billion as shipments of LCD (liquid crystal display) and PDP (plasma display panel) sets reach 19 million units in 2007 thanks to lower prices, says the CEA.

The next-generation game console market, which has been ignited in the last couple of months by the launch of Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii consoles, will be worth US$16 billion this year. That's a 23% jump over 2006, according to the CEA's prediction.
The country with the smallest GDP in the world, Tokelau, is thinking about getting a Wii.
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