North Korea Rolls Out Android Tablet of Their Own

It would appear that North Korea wants a piece of the Android tablet action and has developed an open-source slate of its own. Based on pictures floating around in the press, North Korea's Android tablet is well beyond the early stages and, if not a finished product, looks to be a very advanced prototype.

A picture was taken of the country's full size tablet at a trade fair in Pyongyang and published by The Wall Street Journal's "Korea Realtime" blog. Details are tight lipped at this point, but it's clear the slate is running Android, which would be legal since it's an open source platform, though any proprietary Google apps that may appear on the slate would be a violation of Google's rights. Gmail and Google Play are two such apps that require approval before slapping them on a tablet.

credit: Associated Press                            

While it's tough to speculate on this sort of thing, it appears North Korea's tablet is aimed at consumers. The hardware, Android build, price, and release date are all unknown at this time.