North Korea Blames U.S. For Internet Outage, Calls Obama A Monkey

When news broke that the unparalleled attack against Sony last month was linked to a hacker group displeased with the company's film The Interview, there was little doubt that this wasn't an issue that'd die off fast. And considering the fact that the film tells a tale of two guys sent to North Korea to assassinate its 'Supreme Leader' Kim Jong-un, it seemed obvious who was behind the attack.

If only it were that simple. Right away, the DPRK vehemently denied being involved, though that didn't stop both the White House and FBI from laying blame on the country. As it is today, many are starting to believe that North Korea actually wasn't involved at all, which complicates the situation further -- if the US incorrectly pointed blame, that's not good.

the interview

North Korea isn't keeping its annoyance a secret. Straight out of the country's National Defense Commission, which is led by Kim Jong-un, president Obama is being blamed for having been directly involved with the film. The NDC even goes as far as calling the film illegal, and has no qualm with referring to Obama as a monkey.

As far as North Korea is concerned, The Interview is a act of hostility, and has noted that the US will face certain consequence as a result. With the U.S. still pointing the blame at North Korea, it seems highly unlikely that the country will have a sudden change of heart.

Meanwhile, the rest of us who are watching all this go down can relish in the fact that Kim Jong-un's country's actions have skyrocketed the popularity of the film - a classic case of the Streisand effect. The Interview would have just been another film to fly under the radar, but now it seems like everyone knows of it.

Let's just hope this saga ends sooner than later, and without tensions rising even further.

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