Nokia's S40 Getting Improved Foursquare App, N9 Getting Its Own Build

If it isn't Twitter, it's Facebook, and if it's not Facebook, it's Google+, and if it isn't that, it's probably Foursquare. There's too many social networks to count these days, but the one that has become famous for showcasing where people are at any given time is about to expand to new platforms. Starting now, the 600+ million Symbian S40 owners around the globe can download a "hugely improved" version of Fouraquare, which adds an open API, new features and availability in more nations than ever before.

Included in this build: Nokia Maps for Series 40, enhanced Tips, nearby Specials, Explore, and it works on even more devices. But that's not all. Foursquare will soon be coming to Nokia's latest and greatest device, the MeeGo-powered N9. Looking forward to either? Let us know!