Nokia's Here Maps App Arrives For iPad And iPhone

Nokia's mapping system is right up there with Google's system in terms of depth, range, and reliability. But the company's hampered status in the U.S. has prevented many people from giving it a whirl. As it stands, the best offline mobile mapping solution on the market today resides on Lumia phones, but Nokia understands that not everyone is going to ditch their iPhone or Android handset for a Lumia. So, there's Here. The company launched its Here mapping platform a few weeks back, and now the Here iOS app is available for iPad and iPhone. Here gives iOS users access to Nokia's mapping system, complete with points of interest, contact sheets, and the ability to make certain segments available offline. Notably, you can't just download entire states in offline fashion the way you can on a Lumia.

Still, it's a pretty great app, particularly given that it's free and that people are looking for any alternative at all to use in place of the iOS 6 Maps. Give it a whirl and see where it leads you.
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