Nokia’s Amazing PureView Camera Coming to Windows Phone

It looks like Nokia is working on a Windows Phone that will include the vaunted PureView camera, which is powering Nokia’s comeback attempt. The Verge, which broke the news, expects the upcoming phone to be a Lumia with an aluminum body. The codename for the new phone is EOS.

The Nokia 808 Phone, which has the PureView camera.

The Nokia 808 PureView is got a lot of props for its camera, but its outdated OS held it back. With Nokia planning to put the camera on a Windows Phone, things are getting interesting.

Nokia first started getting attention for its excellent phone camera with the Nokia 808 PureView last year. The camera has a 41MP sensor and Carl Zeiss lens, and is widely accepted as a high-quality camera for a phone. But the 808 PureView runs the Symbian operating system, which is a deal breaker for many customers. Given Nokia’s long-term commitment to Windows Phone with its Lumia line, it makes sense that the struggling phone maker is pairing its best feature with the well-known, fast OS. The main beef that many customers had with the 808 was speed, which shouldn’t be a problem with the new OS.