Nokia's 808 PureView Now On Sale In The U.S.: $700 For a 41MP Cameraphone

Nokia's got a lot of work ahead of it if it plans to regain a chunk of that marketshare it lost to Apple, Samsung and the rest of the Android gang over the past few years, but is this the phone to start that process? With the Lumia 900 already confirmed to be stuck forever as a pre-Windows Phone 8 device, the 808 PureView is something cut from a different cloth. It's a Symbian-based phone, and that's an operating system that's largely dated compared to the other modern options out there. But it does something that no other smartphone does, regardless of cost: shoots 41MP images through Carl Zeiss optics. If photos are your primary concern with a phone, it may be worth the $700 price tag. If so, it's available today from Amazon, marking its debut on sale in the United States. Pricy, no?