Nokia's 6216 Classic Ships With NFC Capability

Not sure if you've heard, but NFC is all the rage these days. At least it is in countries not named "USA." As America largely shuns the short-range communication technology, Nokia's looking to take advantage of NFC-friendly nations elsewhere with its new 6216 classic phone.

The phone is Nokia's first SIM-based Near Field Communication device, which enables carriers to build NFC services on to the SIM card. With NFC, users can benefit from enhanced ease-of-use when it comes to sharing media and data with others as well as when using secure payment and ticketing transactions. Remember that PayPass initiative that has largely vanished in the US? It's the same concept here -- just tap with your phone, and your banking or credit card information is passed along from the SIM card in order to pay for goods. Definitely a useful concept, we think.

"The Nokia 6216 classic will be amongst the first commercial devices in the market complying with operator requirements using the SIM card in connection to secure transactions with Near Field Communications," says Jeremy Belostock, head of near field communications at Nokia. "With the Nokia 6216 classic in your pocket and the ticketing applications on the SIM you can replace the multitude of cards in your wallet. Having the applications on the SIM consumers can bring their secure applications to their next Nokia NFC enabled phone." Nokia's hoping to ship the phone in Q3 2009 to "select markets" with an MSRP of 150 Euros before taxes and subsidies, and aside from the nifty NFC module, it will also include an FM tuner, 3G data support and a microSD card slot.
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