Nokia's 5800 Navigation Edition And E72 Smartphones Ship To America

Nokia may have just recently announced that it would be shutting the doors on its flagship stores in London, Chicago and New York, but that's not stopping a new pair of Symbian-based phones from shipping here to the United States. First up is a new variation of the popular 5800, the 5800 Navigation Edition. As you might expect, this phone is geared towards navigation. Much like the Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60, this smartphone is designed to get its users from one place to another, and while it doesn't have Google Maps Navigation as with the DROID, it does ship with a voice-guided navigation for North America and a car kit so it can be easily mounted on a dash or windshield.

This phones ships with Ovi Maps for mobile, which offers real-time turn-by-turn navigation for both cars and pedestrians. Ovi Maps includes eatures like speed limit warnings and speed camera alerts, and near real-time information on traffic congestion due to roadwork or accidents; if you're using it on pedestrian mode, the service provides pedestrian-friendly directions, including routes that take a pedestrian up one-way streets and through parks, pathways and other shortcuts. Unlike some GPS-equipped smartphones, this one comes pre-loaded with maps for the entire U.S. and Canada, and users may also update and add maps from more than 180 additional countries at any time for free using Nokia Map Loader. You'll also get the ability to  earch addresses and calculate routes directly on the device. As for specs, you'll find a 3.2" display, 3.2MP camera, expandable memory (up to 16GB), and HSDPA 3G WWAN access.

If you're not much on the whole "full touch-screen" vibe, there's the E72. This long-awaited smartphone boasts a more traditional layout; the screen on the top, the full QWERTY keyboard on the bottom. This phone also packs A-GPS, Ovi Maps, a compass, multiple email account management, IM, and a host of other smartphone mainstays. It's available now in the US for an MSRP of $469, while the 5800 Navigation Edition is also on sale now in America for $299.