Nokia Slips From #1 To #3 In Smartphone Sales

Sad news that Nokia has fallen from #1 to #3 in smartphone sales, which is something that most intelligent analysts would have said was impossible just five or six years ago.

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, and Google delivered Android shortly after, things changed dramatically. Customers had multiple options for smartphones, with rival operating systems providing an enhanced level of sophistication that wasn't available when Nokia scaled the charts in years before. Now, Apple and Samsung have ended Nokia's 15 years at the top of the smartphone game, based on sales rankings released after Q2 2011. The company hasn't been ranked so low since 1996. Nokia not having a top-tier smartphone at the market is hurting the company as it waits for Windows Phone 7 to take over.

Nokia, once WP7 adoption is finalized, will face competition that it never had back in the Symbian glory days. In the most recent quarter, Apple sold 20.3 million iPhones, and Samsung has been selling its Galaxy S II at a rapid pace even before hitting U.S. shelves. Will WP7 bring Nokia back to the top? Or has it wasted too much time and allowed Apple and Google to clamp down on the smartphone market?