Nokia Shows New Face: Nokia Pure Typeface

Nokia is turning over a new leaf. The company has been taken over by an ex-Microsoft vet, and they're largely ditching Symbian in order to focus on Windows Phone 7. It's a fresh start for an old company and there's better no way to say that to the public than by changing how they perceive you. For Nokia, that starts with their famed font. Nokia Sans was the previous font of choice, and it was iconic in nature. It was everything in Nokia's branding, and for hardcore fans, it may be hard to see let go.

The new font, which takes over starting this week, is called Nokia Pure. The company claims that this font provides 'beauty in supreme usability,' but it remains to be seen if people latch on. To us, it looks a lot smoother and more modern than the font Nokia's leaving behind, and we suspect it'll work well in advertising.

Nokia is actively defending their decision to make the switch, but honestly we feel that's unnecessary. The company is effectively different than it was just a year ago, so having a new face seems logical. What do you think? Are you a fan of the new typeface?