Nokia Ships Symbian Anna Phones: E6 And X7

Nokia may not be giving Symbian their full faith and support, but there were obviously a lot of Symbian phones in the pipeline prior to the mega announcement earlier in the year to switch over to Windows Phone 7. Two of those phones are now shipping. Nokia's E6 and X7, described as the first Symbian Anna phones, are now shipping. The X7 will be available in Europe, Eurasia, China, India and other Asia/Pacific countries, while the E6 will be available in Europe, Eurasia, Asia/Pacific, as well as the Middle East and Africa.

Naturally, North American isn't listed here. It's obvious that Nokia's focus in the U.S. and Canada will be WP7, but other international markets are in a very different place. Symbian still stands a chance there, and there's still some demand for what's now a dying mobile OS. The E6 is a business-minded phone with a QWERTY / touch experience, direct access to Microsoft business solutions, an 8MP camera and 8GB of internal memory.

The X7 is a fair bit larger, with a 4" display, 8MP camera, and a bold design. Nokia also claims that "Anna" will be coming to the N8, E7, C7 and C6 in the coming months. It's a bit hard to get excited about Symbian at this point, but there it is.
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