Nokia Reportedly Looking To Change CEOs

To say that the writing hasn't really been on the wall means that you really haven't been paying attention to Nokia. Though the company still holds on to the "biggest in terms of global market share" award, Nokia has recently come under fire for not producing adequate rivals to the iPhone and a host of Android phones that currently lead the market in terms of smartphone allure.

Best on a new report in the Wall Street Journal, Nokia is currently searching for a new CEO. That's right. A search for a new chief executive has been launched, but of course the company isn't responding to the rumors. But it's no surprise, really. The company's current CEO has made no apparent attempts to catch up with Apple, HTC, LG and Samsung in the smartphone market over the past few years, and Nokia is essentially a has-been in America. Basically, if you aren't getting with the program in the smartphone department, you're out of touch.

Another of Nokia's issues has been Symbian. It's an aged operating system, and while newer versions are in the labs, iOS 4 and Android 2.2 are out now. The company has lost a lot of mind share over the past few years as well, and while we are certain it's not all Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo's fault, he's definitely going to be first to take the blame. One unnamed source said that the company "is serious about making a change." Will it happen prior to the company's Nokia World conference later this year? Only time will tell, but with earnings coming up, we wouldn't be shocked.