Nokia Refreshes Drive, Maps And Transport Apps For Lumia Handsets

Nokia's Lumia line has already proven to be a spearhead for Windows Phone, and it's clear that Microsoft is seriously winning from the partnership. Lumia users only have a few handsets to choose from at the moment, but Nokia is making that handful look even more attractive with three powerful (and exclusive) app updates.

Available only to Lumia phones, there's an updated Nokia Maps, Drive and Transport. The refresh to Drive is perhaps the most significant, adding complete offline guidance options for a number of countries. Simply download the maps before you leave, and then you're able to navigate when you arrive without ever having to use costly roaming data. There's also a new speed limit indicator that'll alert you when you're going to fast in a zone that you're navigating through.

Nokia Maps is adding new ways to share favorite places with friends through social networks, and Transport is providing new mass transit (and walking) directions in over 500 cities. Looks like the globetrotters owe Nokia another glance.