Nokia Oro Is One Wild, Gilded Symbian-Powered Smartphone

What's gold, rounded, and has a built-in cell radio? Nokia's new Oro, of course! This is easily one of the most unexpected phones to ever surface, particularly with Nokia slashing staff, focusing on hardware and shifting to Windows Phone 7. Something about the Oro just doesn't "fit." Of course, this phone was probably prototyping months and months before Stephen Elop even took the head chair at the company, but it's still an oddball.

The Oro is little more than a C7, with a 3.5" display, 720p movie mode, and Symbian (not WP7) as the operating system. But where it differs is the exterior. There's a gold coating and a will 800 Euro price tag, one that Nokia says is justified due to some clients needing a handset that shows off their status. It'll ship in Q3 to select nations (with tons of rich folks, we guess), and you can get an overview in the video below.

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