Nokia Is ‘Up To Something’ With Brand Expected To Live On With Other Device Types

Microsoft doesn't appear very interested in using the Nokia brand, even though it negotiated the rights for the next 10 years when acquiring the Finnish company's mobile phone division for $7.2 billion. However, we haven't seen the last of the Nokia name -- not by a long shot. Last week, reports surfaced that Nokia is planning to re-license its handset brand to other interested third parties, and now the company is taking to Twitter to tease an upcoming reveal.

"We at Nokia love the feeling of a fresh start. Can't wait for what's next!, #thinkingahead," the company posted to Twitter a couple of days ago.

The Twitter post was accompanied by a closeup of the Nokia brand name etched into a black device of some sort, though it's impossible to tell from the one picture alone. However, another Twitter post today showed a little black box in the shape of a NUC device.

This isn't likely to be the packaging for a smartphone or anything of the sort -- Nokia's done with manufacturing handsets. However, with all the interest in streaming products lately, it could be a streaming set-top box like Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku. Or it could simply be a box with a totally different type of product inside, like a wearable device. A smartwatch or fitness band would fit with today's Twitter post, which features a picture of arms raised up in the air.

Nokia Picture

At least we won't have to wait very long to find out -- it looks as though Nokia is planning to make the big reveal tomorrow, November 18. In the meantime, care to venture a guess of your own?