Nokia Intros 12 Hour, Windows-Powered Netbook: Booklet 3G

Score another one for the rumor mill, as those whispers we heard way back in February about a newfangled Nokia laptop have proved legitimate. After sticking to cellphones forever, Nokia has finally decided to hop on the netbook/smartbook bandwagon while things are still hot in order to catch the attention of those loyal to the brand.

The company's first foray into the notebook arena will be called the Booklet 3G, which is described as a "new breed" of portable device for the company. The "mini laptop" has yet to be fully detailed, but there are some tidbits that have been made public. As the title of the machine implies, this one will arrive with a built-in 3G WWAN module that will enable it to hop online anywhere that cellphone data service is available.

Like we'd heard earlier, the machine won't use Android. Oddly, it won't even use a Symbian-based system which is used on a plethora of its smartphones. As with most every other netbook, this one will also run a Windows-based OS. We're guessing Windows XP, but who knows, maybe it'll be Windows 7! Another staggering detail is that the Booklet 3G will boast a 12 hour battery life. Presumably in response to all the attention that has been placed on battery claims of late, Nokia does go out of its way to exclaim that the 12 hour figure is with "normal daily use," and that you'll never get 12 hours of solid Quake gameplay. Still, if this thing can really pull off 12 hours of use with "normal" activities, it'll absolutely tip the netbook world on its head. To date, the longest lasting netbooks only make it around 6 hours. To double that would totally rule, and it would probably get us wondering why no other PC maker has utilized whatever battery technology Nokia is tapping.

Other specifications include a 10.1" LCD, an HDMI video output, a 2cm thin body, a 1kg weight, a SIM card slot, assisted GPS, Bluetooth, and a built-in SD card reader. Nokia tells us that more details (include a price and ship date) will be published at Nokia World 09, which kicks off in Germany next month.