Nokia Denies Move to "Android"

The Guardian reported on Monday that Nokia had decided to invest in an Android phone, using the Google platform for a new device to be announced at the Nokia World conference in September. However, response from Nokia was swift: NO.

Nokia has more than 40% of worldwide mobile phone market share, but it has been steadily losing market share to other platforms, such as iPhone and Blackberry. Android has been attracting followers, though it is still a nascent platform among smartphones.

In a statement the company release, Nokia said the following:
"Absolutely no truth to this whatsoever. Everyone knows that Symbian is our preferred platform for advanced mobile devices."
The story made little sense, as it was only in late June of last year that Nokia bought the remaining 52% of Symbian and established the Symbian Foundation. Also, despite the fact that much buzz centers around the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm webOS and Android, Symbian remains the dominant smartphone OS globally.