Nokia Debuts X5: A Texter's Best Friend

Nokia's phone selection has been a bit interesting of late. They've been lacking in the smartphone department when it comes to living up to standards set by the iPhone and HTC's family of devices, but they're still the global leader in terms of market share. Clearly the U.S. isn't Nokia's main focus, and some might say that smartphones aren't either. Now, Nokia is launching two phones in the X Series, only one of which is entirely new.

The Nokia X6 8GB is just a different sized version of the X6 that was revealed last year, while the real star of the show  today is the Nokia X5-01. The X5 aims to plug the gap between the X3 and the X6, and it's using a unique "square" form factor that a few Samsung devices have also tried. Nokia likens the phone to a Sony MiniDisc player from years past, and we tend to agree. It also ships with Ovi Music and Comes With Music (a music subscription service) in some regions.

It's primarily designed to be used by heavy texters and social networking gurus. There's a full QWERTY keyboard, support for all major IM/webmail services, a 5MP camera, 2GB microSD card, 200MB of onboard memory, and a battery that can last up to 16 days in standby or play music for 24 straight hours. At present, the device is destined to launch in Indonesia during Q3, at an estimated retail price of EUR 165 before taxes and subsidies, with availability for other regions to come soon. And yes, there are plenty of color options.