Nokia Cuts 7,000 Phone Unit Jobs In Bid To Regain Share

And the bloodshed continues at Nokia. There was no bones made about the need to slash jobs after Nokia decided on Windows Phone 7 for their next mobile OS; the folks working on Symbian were suddenly not needed. But now, a report is making this rumors a lot more tangible, and painful. Reuters is reporting that Nokia will have to cut 7,000 jobs and outsource their Symbian software development (what's left of it, anyway) in order to save $1.46 billion in costs. These awful cuts are said to be needed in order to recover and reclaim market share in the global market, but that doesn't make it any easier for Nokia employees to swallow.

The move will mean that 4,000 staff will be let go, and another 3,000 will be let go as Accenture takes over Symbian. That's 12% of their phone unit, which is fairly staggering. It's brutal, but it's probably needed. Nokia has been a lumbering giant of a company with a slipping market share, and new CEO Stephen Elop seems serious about doing whatever it takes to make Nokia a serious player again in smartphones. The real question: is 7,000 just the start, or the end?