Nokia Comes With Music Goes On World Tour

Although Nokia isn't the hippest brand in America -- in large part due to its reliance on unlocked sales rather than subsidized sales like with the iPhone and BlackBerry Storm -- it does have one differentiator that sets it apart from the competition: "Comes With Music." Said service launched in the UK just months ago, and generally speaking, acclaim has been high. So high, in fact, that the company is getting ready to expand it to more corners of the globe.

For those unaware, "Comes With Music" is an unlimited music service that is bundled with select Nokia handsets. If you buy a CWM-enabled phone (which is slightly more expensive than the standard variant of that same phone), you can then download a limitless amount of tracks from the Nokia software onto said phone for a year after purchase. Once that year is up, users can keep the tracks -- free and clear. Currently, just three CWM phones are sold in Britain, but Nokia is planning to start with six models in Singapore when it becomes the second major launch market in just a few weeks.

Potentially more important is that Nokia plans to sell "Comes With Music" phones and services in more markets in the coming months, with other nations in Europe and the United States specifically mentioned. We can't wait to see how this fares against mainstays like Rhapsody and iTunes, but we get the impression that "all you can eat" will cause lots of happiness amongst US-based music lovers.