Nokia Adds Sight Recognition To HERE Maps

One could easily argue that the company who manages to perfect human-to-computer voice communications will have the future at their fingertips. While talking to a computer (or your car, or Siri) isn't new, it's not exactly ironed-out. Many folks won't even use Siri because the results are so spotty. Not even Google has managed to nail it; if you've ever looked at a Google Voice transcription, you'll know that things aren't always accurate. But Nokia is looking to gain where others have faltered.

The company's mapping services are already amongst the most robust, and this week it's updating the HERE platform with a different kind of human-to-computer link: sight recognition. HERE uses sight navigation as a new way to discover and find your way through the world. Sometimes pins on a map are not quite enough, LiveSight uses sight to recognize and identify places around you simply, by looking around through your phone’s display. n HERE Maps, LiveSight allows you to pinpoint exactly where you’re going just by looking. Just open HERE Maps, tap the LiveSight icon and pan around. LiveSight reveals shops, restaurants and your favourite places as virtual signs on buildings right on your screen.

Best of all, it works offline as well. Are the upscale mapping services enough to get Android and iOS users over to Windows Phone 8? Hard to say, but the HERE offering is no doubt compelling.