No Way! Advertising On Google's Home Page?

It's the third day in a row that Google has celebrated the upcoming 40th anniversary of Sesame Street with a different Google Doodle, but that's not what drew our attention to their home page. Google has always said it wants to keep their home page sparse, yet today, there was a rarity: an ad.

It's not as though Google has never put an ad on their home page (think back to Chrome, and the T-Mobile G1), and of course, this is Motorola Droid launch day, and there's nothing like highlighting your well advertised and much-hyped product, is there?

Granted, it's really Motorola's and Verizon's product, but still ...

At any rate, there's a hard limit of no more than 28 words on Google's home page, and this one weighs in at 27 words, so ad or no ad, it's OK by Google's standards.