No More Woof Translates Dog Thoughs into English, Seeks $10K Funding on Indiegogo

Have you ever wondered what your dog is trying to say when he gives you a funny look? A unique Indiegogo campaign for "No More Woof" seeks to solve that problem by translating your dog's thought patterns into English so you know exactly what Fido is thinking. The way it goes about this is by using Electroencephalogram (EEG) to analyze animal thought patterns, which are then spelled out in human language using a loudspeaker.

Campaign details are a little fuzzy and the developers are very upfront about the fact that this isn't a finished product, but a work in progress that it hopes to finish with the help of donations. Be that as it may, No More Woof is embarking on an interesting path by focusing on neural patterns rather than the different types of barks and growls.

No More Woof

"It is worth pointing out that dogs 'think' in a different way than humans. Whereas the dog's brain signals might indicate hunger, that does of course not really mean the dog is 'thinking' that, it's rather more a mental state than a 'thought' although the difference between these two things is actually an interesting philosophical question, for those who are into these things," the developers explain on their Indiegogo page.

One of the challenges of using EEG on pets is that of placement for best comfort. What they've come up with is a lightweight, headset-like device with small sensors and a Raspberry Pi nestled inside. It doesn't require shaving the pet's head or anything like that, though we're skeptical that all dogs will be as willing to wear it as the one in the video demonstration.

You can read more and optionally support the project by heading over to No More Woof's Indiegogo page.