No Man’s Sky Receiving Steady Stream Of Patches To Squash Unruly Bugs, Gameplay Goofs

No Man’s Sky has received some less than stellar reviews, especially from PC players. Hello Games,however, has been releasing a steady stream of patches to improve the gaming experience. They have received support request not only from their email, but from Steam, GoG, and Reddit.

Hello Games remarked, “Right now the team is fully focused on categorising and fixing support issues in order of priority, based on the number of people they are affecting. The information and crash dumps you’ve posted have been indispensable in helping us track down and fix these issues.” The first patch was issued shortly after the game’s release and focused on crashes and weird glitches. 

No Mans Sky Ships

The second patch is particularly focused on preventing crashes. Players complained that the game crashed after warping, while warping inside a freighter, and even occasionally while scanning a planet from space. The game also sometimes failed to save before the player died and some gamers would even get stuck underneath a planet.

The third patch will fix corrupted files and prevented players from unnecessarily becoming stranded in space. It also targeted the three most common issues. These problems seemed to arise as a player became more experienced. The game would crash if too many discoveries were made, if the player had collected a large number of blueprints in a specific order and then received a new blueprint, and if the player had set a large number of waypoints. These issues have all been resolved.

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Hello Games stated, “Overall these fixes should remedy around 70% of our current support requests. We're working on the next 30% right now.” Perhaps No Man’s Sky will garner more positive attention now that so many of the glitches and issues have been fixed or at least have a fix in sight.