No Debate: Palin, Obama Spam Wins

This isn't a political post.  It's a security post.  While spam in general is an annoyance, spammers tend to pick those subjects they feel will get people to open up email. According to online security company Secure Computing, the election contains just those sorts of subjects  Their study indicates that spam referring to Barack Obama outstrips that referencing John McCain 6 - 1, while Sarah Palin spam easily beats Biden spam 7 - 2.

It's interesting, as the ratio has nothing to do with the ratio of mainstream media news items.  In those, McCain beats Obama 10 - 9.  On the other hand, the Palin - Biden ratio is pretty close to the number above.

According to the report:

"Though the spam message content itself is nonsensical, the basic themes of the Obama email content does tend to revolve around the shallow factors that are espoused in the mainstream media as central campaign issues: race, disputes with Clinton, messianic oratory, and FOX news smears. The McCain spam subjects are equally driven by shallow media propaganda, revolving around age and wealth."

At the same, it should be noted ... none of this is spam from the campaigns themselves.  We would hope that would be self-evident.  It's just another way of using topical subject lines to try to get us to open up a message on Viagra.  And it's yet another reason to use a good spam filter, perhaps a whitelist or pushing your personal email to Gmail (which we have done) to let the spam filter there take care of things.
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