Nissan To Offer Affordable Navigation Package

Navigation systems have been a luxury add-on option to many vehicles for some time now. With the exception of the Suzuki SX4 however, a built-in navigation system with a new car generally cost at least $1,000 if not much more. Given the plethora of personal navigation devices from the likes of Garmin and TomTom, as well as the many options available for a wireless phone, there are plenty of people who don't see the need to spend this type of money for an in-dash system.

This could change, however, as Nissan plans to offer a $400 navigation system in some of its 2010 MY products. While a $400 price tag may seem a bit steep in some people's eyes, consider that this is the same price as Ford's LCD-less SYNC system and less than half the price of most options available in vehicles today. Given this, Nissan's price sounds pretty reasonable.

Developed by Nissan and Bosch, the system mounts directly into the dash and comes with a number of features. It provides directions, integrates your tunes using USB or Aux inputs, and offers Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling. The system also can connect with a backup camera. Plus since the system is in the dash, you won't have to mess with cords or a suction-cup windshield mount like you would with other standalone GPS systems.

Initial reviews of the navigation system in the 2010 Nissan Sentra appear positive. Could this be a trend towards affordable in-dash navigation systems? We certainly won't object to added convenience for a more reasonable price.