Nio Bluetooth Security Tag Keeps Tabs On Your Gadgets

Have trouble keeping up with your belongings? Who doesn't right? UK's own TenBu has a solution that's probably perfect for your dilemma, and lo and behold, it involves that short-range communication module that's used far too infrequently on your current mobile. The simply titled nio Bluetooth tag is hailed as a personal gadget guardian, and while it has been available for a short while across the pond, it's just now landing in North America.

Essentially, nio creates a selectable security zone of just a few feet - up to 80 - with a Bluetooth tag and an innovative software link that downloads directly onto the user’s cell phone. If someone were to snag your tagged gadget and then make a run for it, the security zone would be breached and both the nio tag and the connected cell phone would emit a loud alarm and a flashing blue light. The details of how the process works is below, and the nio tag is available now through for $69.95 (which includes lifetime service).

How nio works:

nio is specifically designed for ease of use. The nio software can control multiple nio tags simultaneously, and each tag can be given an identifying name and image on the cell phone. In extremely high-risk environments, users can activate a Motion Sensor to alert them if anyone moves their tagged item, even within the selected security zone.

A handy “locate” tone helps users find misplaced tagged items, and a calendar feature allows users to preset specific times for the tag to go active – ideal for the commute to work. Uniquely, nio comes equipped with a fully rechargeable battery that can keep nio on standby for several weeks.

A formidable first line of defense against the loss or theft of valuable portable items, nio is compatible with most smartphones.