Nintendo's Wii U To Ship Later In 2012

As with any new product that's as major as a new home gaming console, there's rarely a time where it's launched with all of the details filled in. That was definitely the case with the Nintendo Wii U. The console launched at E3, but only a handful of details were known. We knew that it would ship with a controller that could have video streamed to it from the console, but we weren't given any indication of a real price or release date.

But now, a new interview with Reggie Fils-Aime (who holds the post of president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America), a few more of those details are coming out. For one, he announced that the Wii U wouldn't ship until after April 1, 2012, which narrows down the launch quite a bit. We already knew that it would ship in 2012, so now it'll either be summer, fall or winter. And given that Nintendo won't want to miss the holiday season, we're guessing summer or fall.

He also announced that the launch of the Wii U would not mean the immediate death of the Wii. Both consoles will be sold at first, with the Wii likely heavily discounted. Another nice tidbit was confirmation that content would be streamed direct from the console to the controller, so in theory, you could even watch Netflix content right on the controller.

The Via below holds the full interview; chock full of juicy news if you're into the gaming sect.