Nintendo’s Switch 2 Has Reportedly Hit A Delay Pushing It To 2025

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It appears as if the Nintendo faithful will need to wait a little longer than anticipated to get their hands on the company’s next console. It has been long rumored that Nintendo was aiming for a holiday 2024 release for its Switch successor. However, it now seems that those plans have hit a delay, forcing the company to push the release date into early 2025.

Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe, a Brazilian journalist, claims that sources working on titles that intend to launch alongside the new console will be coming in Q1 2025. That these games are pushing back their release schedules is leading many to believe that this is happening because of Nintendo’s decision to launch in 2025 rather than 2024.

The Nintendo Switch is closing in on its seventh birthday and it’s certainly showing its age. What makes it feel even older is that it’s based around NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 processor, which was already two years old itself when the Nintendo Switch launched. By the time the new console hits store shelves the tech that drives the Switch will be a decade old.

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It’s expected that the upcoming console will most likely be an upgrade to the current system, although Nintendo has shown they aren’t afraid with going with a completely different concept when launching new hardware. It’s currently predicted that the price will be seeing an increase to $400, and that games will also be priced at $70 to coincide with pricing used by Sony and Microsoft.

It will be interesting to see what Nintendo decides to do software-wise for the rest of 2024. The assumption is that it will want to hold back big titles such as Mario for the launch of the new console in 2025. So what will it do for titles this year? It would be great to see older titles get the same treatment as Metroid Prime, and 2024 becomes the year of magical remasters.