Nintendo's Iwata Says iPad Delivered "No Surprises"

In our analysis of the iPad, we essentially came to the conclusion that it was a large iPod touch. Funny, because that's exactly the same conclusion that one of the most powerful individuals in the tech industry came to. It's unusual for executives from rival companies to come right out in the media and speak up with their feelings about a given product, but Nintendo's own Satoru Iwata noted that the iPad "was a bigger iPod touch" and that it delivered "no surprises."

Ouch. That's a pretty big sting from a pretty big face in the gaming/tech world, but it seems to mimic the feelings felt elsewhere in the world. We have yet to find anyone that seems super enthused about the iPad, at least in its current form. Being able to use just a single app at a time is a real deal-breaker, but we get the feeling that Apple could open it up to handle more in time. After all, the A4 CPU is pretty powerful. We're still curious as to why Apple didn't just go ahead and enable this if that is indeed the master plan, but the company may move forward with said plans quicker than expected if the negative press continues to pour in.

This kind of negativity is foreign for Apple. Ever since the introduction of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, the company has largely experienced nothing but praise. Even its quarterly results have been stunning, and many companies have bowed to Apple's ability to generate revenue in the recession. The company is obviously facing an uphill battle with the iPad; it seems as if consumers may not actually need this product, and it's up to Apple to convince them. That'll be pretty tough when talking to Mr. Nintendo, it seems.