Nintendo's Enlarged 3DS XL Console Now Available in North America

In case you missed it over the weekend, Nintendo on Sunday semi-quietly launched its large size 3DS XL handheld console in the U.S. We say "semi-quietly" because it's long been known that the U.S. launch would take place on August 19th, though the day came and went without much fanfare.

Regardless, you can get your hands on the 3DS XL at GameStop, Target, or Toys R Us. The $200 console is $20 more expensive than the regular 3DS, but packs larger displays. The top screen is 90 percent bigger at 4.88 inches, while the bottom display is 4.18 inches, which is also 90 percent bigger than the original.

Nintendo 3DS XL Comparison

Note that the screen resolutions are the same on both models, so you're not getting more pixels, just more screen real estate that, for some users, will be easier on the eyes, albeit not as crisp since the pixels are being stretched over a larger area.

The 3DS XL is currently available in red or blue.