Nintendo's Big-Screen DSi XL Coming To Japan, Europe And America

Talk about an interesting decision here. As Sony plans to pump up its PSP Go for the holiday season, Nintendo is going to attempt to pedal its existing DSi even though the whole world now knows that a larger version is on the way. That's right, an enlarged DSi. For years, the DS has been slimming down, but now it seems as if Nintendo's research has found that at least some of its potential customers would prefer a larger screen.

 The DSi LL (or DSi XL, as it'll reportedly be known as in Europe) will feature an expansive 4.2" display, which is just about twice as big as the display on the current DSi. Curiously, the resolution will be exactly the same, so you'll be carrying around a larger device for no additional screen real estate. Call it the DSi for those with bad eyesight, but don't call it the next-gen DSi.

It's set to go on sale next month in Japan in brown, white or red, and it'll ship with three pre-installed DSiWare games. The price is expected to be around 20000 Yen (or around $220). What's most interesting though, is that the DSi XL won't ship in Europe and America until Q1 2010, which could definitely impact holiday sales of the existing DSi. So, now that you know a new DSi is but a few months away, are you putting your purchasing plans on ice?