Nintendo Won't Drop Wii Price, Sells 600K DSis

We know this is going to simultaneously take you by surprise and crush your dreams, but the price of Nintendo's Wii isn't going down anytime soon. Sure, there's some sort of a "recession" going on (or so they say), but video game sales haven't been hurting. Especially not in Nintendo's world. If you'll recall, the company just shipped its 50 millionth Wii console, and up until recently it's been practically impossible to find one in stock in retail stores. Needless to say, demand has been outstripping supply for some time now, and thus, Nintendo has absolutely no reason to cut prices in order to get units moving even faster.

Amazingly, Wii sales have actually slowed a bit in Japan, which prompted the pricing question to company President Satoru Iwata. He was quoted as saying that changing its pricing approach right now just wouldn't "make sense," and as much as we love price drops, we have to begrudgingly agree. In related news, the firm's freshly released (in the US, anyway) DSi handheld headed into over 600,000 hands during this past weekend's launch in America and the EU. Like we said, the gaming business isn't hurting, and we'd bank on seeing a PlayStation 3 price cut far before Nintendo slashes MSRPs on anything it currently sells.

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