Nintendo to Clean Up the Home Screen Clutter with Upcoming 3DS Update

Some Nintendo 3DS owners have complained about the system's Home screen being too cluttered with no real way to clean it up without deleting items. Well, that's about to change. Nintendo is the mood for some spring cleaning and plans on releasing a firmware update later this month that will let 3DS owners wrangle tiles on the Home screen and drop them into folders.

"Get ready to update your Nintendo *3DS on 4/25! This system Update will let you organize your Home Menu," @NintendoAmerica announced via Twitter.

If you happen to speak or otherwise understand Japanese, you can hear all about it from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in a Nintendo Direct conference livestream (click here). Otherwise, posted a translated transcript in which it's revealed that the update will introduce folders capable of storing up to 60 items each. The first character of the name will be shown in the folder's icon.

In addition, the upcoming firmware update will add support for game updates and patches, the first of which will be Mario Kart 7. It's unclear when that one will be rolled out, though Mr. Iwata did say it will address some shortcut issues with the game.