Nintendo Switch Pre-orders Start January 13th In New York City, Shortages Almost Guaranteed

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is planning to livestream the launch of its hybrid game console tonight, the Nintendo Switch, which will get underway at 11:00 PM Easter (8:00 PM Eastern). That is when we will presumably learn some key details about the console, such as exactly what kind of hardware is underneath the hood, if the battery will be removable or a permanent fixture, and so forth. Nintendo will then start taking pre-orders on January 13 at 9:00 AM Eastern, though good luck getting one.

Assuming you'll even be in the New York area, Nintendo made clear that there will be a "limited quantity" of units made available to pre-order. The translation there is that not everyone hoping to score a pre-order will get one, as yet another shortage is likely. Given the hype surrounding this thing and the recent disappointment by Nintendo fans who were unable to score an NES Classic Edition console in time for Christmas, we're willing to bet a shiny nickel that there will be a long line at Nintendo's New York store with people camping out tonight.
Pricing has yet to be revealed as well. A recent report suggested it will debut at less than $250, though that was not based on any inside information or anything concrete. As a point of reference, the Will U launched at $299 for the Basic bundle, and $349 for the Deluxe model, the latter of which came in black with triple the amount of storage (32GB versus 8GB) and a few other extras.

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While there are many questions that have yet to be answered, the Switch could be the console that the Wii U should have been all along. The hybrid system allows for traditional gameplay in front of a big screen TV, but it's also portable—owners will be able to take it on the road and play solo or with buddies at a variety of locations. Nintendo didn't add mobile gaming as an afterthought either, it is a major trait of the aptly named Switch.

What we do know about the Switch so far is that it features an NVIDIA Tegra processor with GeForce-class graphics, a generously sized built-in display (rumored to be 6.2 inches), and two detachable controllers. It also has a kickstand for hands-free viewing of the display.