Nintendo Switch Gains An Unofficial Android 10 Port With LineageOS 17.1

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There's no question that the Nintendo Switch is a wildly popular gaming console, which is a testament to its approachability and strong library of first-party games. Nintendo recently reported that cumulative sales for the Switch have nearly approached 80 million, surpassing the 3DS.

However, there's a community of Switch owners that aren't particularly interested in preserving the default Nintendo-crafted operating system that is installed on the gaming console. Instead, they thrive on using third-party alternatives that allow them to expand the capabilities of the device. For those users, the Nintendo Switch can now [unofficially] run Android 10.

Support for Android 10 comes courtesy of a LineageOS 17.1 port for the Switch. Not surprisingly, this Switch port is based on the most recent LineageOS 17.1 build that was released for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. If you may recall, both the SHIELD TV and the Switch use an NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC, which helps streamline some of the porting process between the two devices.

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Image Courtesy XDA-Developers

These are the some of the features that are available to Switch users running LineageOS 17.1 according to the release notes:

  • OTA Updates
  • Full Joy-Con and Pro Controller support with analog sticks and rails.
  • Hori Joy-Con support.
  • Deep sleep that can last for weeks.
  • A rewritten charger driver supporting USB-PD and third party docks.
  • Much improved WiFi driver with less dropouts.
  • Shield TV remote app support for easy docked control.
  • Reworked fan profiles for quieter operation.

We must warn you, however, that you'll need a Switch console that is RCM exploitable for the easiest route to LineageOS 17.1. You can see if your Switch is compatible/firmware is compatible by using the following tool. If you bought a newer Switch recently, you'll probably have to end up going the Caffeine route.

Also keep in mind that you're on your own with warranty support if something goes wrong when attempting to install LineageOS 17.1 on your Nintendo Switch. So, you'll have to weigh the risks versus the rewards before you proceed. However, if you need help along the way, we suggest that you follow this thorough guide over at XDA-Developers for detailed instructions and troubleshooting.