Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers And Modes Expertly Detailed In New Video

Nintendo is getting ready to shake up the gaming console space with its Switch, a hybrid system that equal parts about playing games in the living room as it is about getting your gaming fix on the go. A key aspect of being able to tackle stationary and mobile gaming is the control scheme. We'll need some hands on time to truly get a feel for how things work, though in the meantime Nintendo has released a video that focuses on its detachable Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo Switch

There are left and right Joy-Con controllers that detach from the Switch when playing games in front of a big screen TV and attach to the Switch's 6.2-inch display for mobile gaming, essentially turning the system into a supercharged handheld console. When you're in TV mode, the orientation of the Joy-Con controllers will depend on the game. For example, some will allow you to hold the controllers horizontally for multiplayer gaming, such as Mario Kart.

When the controllers are attached to the Switch's display—Nintendo calls this Handheld mode—you can play games on the go or while charging the system using the included AC adapter. If you have a USB Type-C cable, you can charge the console that way as well. That is an important feature as Nintendo recently confirmed that the Switch's battery is not removable.

Each of the two included Joy-Con controllers have a gyroscope and accelerometer. This combination allows for using motion control. One example of this is tilting the left or right controller towards the display to punch your opponent in a boxing game. Tilting both to either side would have your boxer dodging and weaving.

The controllers feature HD rumble that is supposed to be more precise than current rumble technologies. There's also an infrared camera built into the right Joy-Con that allows it to approximate the distance of an object and determine its shape. NFC read and write functionality with support for Amiibo characters is included in the right Joy-Con as well.

For screen capture, there's a dedicated button the left controller. We imagine Nintendo will support some kind of social sharing for these screenshots so that you can send out captures of your epic gaming moments to friends.

The Nintendo Switch ships March 3 for $299, though whether you can find one on its day of release is another story. There are already reports of retailers cancelling pre-orders because demand is so high.