Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers Deal Saves Gamers Up To $19.99

Nintendo Switch gamers who are in the process of building up their game library for the Switch console can get a good deal on digital game vouchers right now. Nintendo is offering up to $19.99 off on two games if you buy the Switch Game vouchers online. The special deal runs through July 31, 2019.

nintendo switch voucher

While the limited time offer is valid, gamers can buy a pair of Switch Game vouchers for $99.99. Depending on the game you choose to buy with those discounted vouchers, you could save nearly $20 on the pair of games. The digital vouchers are valid for an entire year after purchase, allowing you to hang onto them to get games that launch later this year at a discount.

The caveat to the deal is that it is only available for gamers who have a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership. A Switch Online membership is required when the vouchers are used. The vouchers can't be transferred or returned. The non-transfer part presumably means there is no buying these as a gift with your Switch Online account and then giving them to someone else to redeem.

The promotion deal requires that at least one of the vouchers is redeemed for a game that costs $59.99 or more. The vouchers can't be used on games that are on sale or otherwise discounted. Game titles have to be eligible to be purchased with vouchers, but there are popular games you can use vouchers on like Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokemon games, and various Mario Bros. games. The full list of eligible games can be seen here. Best Buy was offering a deal earlier this month that offered gamers a free $60 game with the purchase of Switch hardware.