Nintendo Shipping MotionPlus Dongle In June

Nintendo is gearing up to breath new life into its already wildly successful Wii this summer with the launch of its MotionPlus Wii accessory. The device, which will attach to the bottom of the Wii Remote, where the Nunchuck accessory currently affixes, aims to provide a more 1:1 physics ratio when interacting with motion heavy games. Specifically, it "tracks players’ movements in finer detail and with greater accuracy than ever before."

The device was actually revealed around a year ago, but in the meantime, Nintendo has been working to alleviate Wii console shortages and deliver the incredibly popular DSi. Now, at long last, Nintendo has revealed that the MotionPlus add-on is slated to ship here in America on June 8, 2009. Of note, that date is just days after the E3 conference in California wraps up, so the timing is definitely right.

As for costs, consumers can expect to pay $19.99 per unit, and as with the Nunchucks, they'll be sold individually. In order to fully take advantage of the control enhancements, Nintendo is readying customers for the release of Wii Sports Resort, a beach-themed title that will ship on July 26, 2009 for $49.99 -- but that price does include one MotionPlus adapter.