Nintendo Sells 100 Million DS Handhelds Globally

It's tough to fathom that it was 2004 when we were drooling over Nintendo's cutest, if not a touch bulky, handheld ever: the DS. Originally hailed for its groundbreaking usage of dual screens (one of which was touch-friendly), the system was a runaway hit from day one. Here we are, nearly five years later, listening to Nintendo gloat about an astonishing sales figure.

On March 6, 2009, Nintendo shipped its 100 millionth Nintendo DS system, which includes the original DS, DS Lite and the DSi, which is out in Japan and coming soon to American shores. It took a grand total of four years and three months for global sales of the DS handheld to top 100 million, which is a milestone reached at the "quickest pace for any video game console." Impressive, no?

Nintendo was quoted as saying that it was "hoping to be accepted and loved by everyone by delivering novel entertainment and surprises so that there will be not only a Nintendo for every household but a Nintendo for every person." A bold hope, but one that doesn't seem too outrageous given the stupendous popularity of both the DS and the Wii. Funny enough, many wondered if Nintendo would ever catch back on fire after the N64 and GameCube -- look who's laughing now, right?

If you're looking for a little perspective here, it took 11 years and 2 months for the GameBoy to move 100 million units, and we all know how well loved that little machine was. Oh, and as for the main competition? Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) has sold just 50 million as of last month, so clearly it has aways to go if it ever plans on reaching or lapping the DS.