Nintendo Issues Wii Saftey Tips

People have been breaking Nintendo controllers for years now, though now it isn't always out of anger. The Wii's wireless remote-style controller can be as much of a hazard as it is fun, slipping out of hands and into just about anything in the area. TVs, laptops, and even a few faces have all found themselves victims of flying Wiimotes. Nintendo has recently given some Wii safety advice, such as using small hands movements, instead of flailing your arms around, and always keep your hands dry.

"There is even one site,, dedicated to chronicling tales of Wii-related carnage. On Wednesday, the site's damage toll included reports of 13 broken straps, 7 televisions and 2 laptop computers. In an e-mail sent to Wii customers and posted on various Web sites on Wednesday, Nintendo said extreme motion could snap the strap by causing players to lose their grip on the remote."
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