Nintendo Announces "Wee" Changes to the DS

On Thursday, Nintendo announced a new Nintendo DS "platform" as it called it, the Nintendo DSi.  Similar in look to the DS Lite, it has some evolutionary changes.  Nothing revolutionary, though.  And the company will continue to ship the DS Lite.

For example, the screens are slightly larger, at 3.25".  The device is slimmer, about 12%, due to the dropping of the GBA slot.  It will, however, include an SD slot.  Additionally, it gains an external 3 megapixel camera and an internal 0.3 megapixel camera, and music playback capability.  It also features a built-in web browser, all the better to use the new DSi Shop, similar to the Wii Ship, and using Nintendo Points (not Wii points).

The new system will ship in black or white, and for about $180 in Japan starting on Nov. 1st.  Other countries?  According to Nintendo, they will have to wait for 2009.
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