Nintendo Announces Fall Slate Of DSi, Wii Equipment

Nintendo announced a slew of releases today, including the launch of Wii Fit Plus and new colors for the DSi.

Starting Sept. 13, Nintendo will sell white and pink versions of the DSi system, in addition to the blue and black already out there. Perhaps they figured more girls would be likely to buy if they had pink? Unclear, but just like the original colors, the two new hues will have two cameras and interactive options allowing users to "create and manipulate pictures or sound in fun and creative ways." No extra charge for pink or white - just like the original colors, the suggested retail price will remain $169.99.

Not to channel the spirit of Billy Mays, but wait! There's more!

Wii Fit Plus launches Oct. 4 in North America. It has a bunch of new exercises, yoga activities and balance games. Plus, users now will be able to customize their workouts to target specific body areas or to last a certain amount of time.

Wii Fit will cease to be sold at that time, and Wii Fit Plus will be bundled for sale with the Wii Balance Board; for a total price of $99.99. If you already have Wii Fit, don't worry - you can get just the disc for Plus for $19.99.

Then, this holiday season - no specific date mentioned - the Wii Remote and Wii Motion Plus also will be available in black for the first time. And the black nunchuk controller will be available for individual purchase. No price was quoted for either.
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