Nintendo 2DS Handheld Console Sinks To $80 May 20th, Preloaded With Mario Kart 7

nintendo 2ds
The Nintendo 2DS continues its ascent downwards with respect to pricing. The portable gaming console originally debuted October 12th, 2013 for $129.99, but had that price trimmed by $30 last August. Nintendo is making another pricing change today, taking the 2DS down to an even more palatable $79.99. At that price, the 2DS will still come bundled with the critically acclaimed Mario Kart 7.

“Nintendo 2DS is the best value available for a portable dedicated gaming system and is great for gaming on the go,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive VP of Sales & Marketing. “The system has a library full of high-quality games for purchase, some in our Nintendo Selects category for less than $20 each, featuring Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Zelda.”

Unlike the more expensive 3DS, the 2DS doesn’t have 3D visuals and the device isn’t hinged, which leaves the displays susceptible to damage when transported (although Nintendo still touts the systems kid-toughness). Still, you can’t argue with the price, the wide support for hundreds of 3DS and thousands of DS games, and the wide appeal to the kids’ market for gaming.

Nintendo 2DS 1

It should be noted that Nintendo is hoping that this latest price drop will spur increased sales ahead of the launch of Kirby: Planet Robobot (June 10th) along with Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (August 19th) and Disney Magical World 2 (October 14th). With the new $79.99 price tag, we have the feeling that Nintendo might be looking at some pretty big sales numbers for the 2DS this summer.