Fortnite Legend Ninja Angrily Weighs In On FaZe Lifetime Ban

When it comes to Fortnite, the biggest streamer out there is Ninja. Ninja, whose real name is Tyler Blevins, has spoken out about the lifetime ban handed down by Epic Games to FaZe Jarvis Khattri, a fellow professional Fortnite player who's more of a creator type. Ninja feels like a permanent ban is too harsh for a professional gamer. Jarvis wasn't caught using aimbot cheats in a professional match or tournament; he was banned for using a cheat in a regular match while making a video.

Ninja said in one of his streams that Jarvis was a "stupid kid" who made a "stupid decision" and that he feels a permanent ban is "just silly." Ninja said at one point in the stream that content creators like Jarvis and regular players should be handled differently when it comes to rules enforcement policies.

jarvis ban

Ninja says that there is a difference between some kid who hacks just to hack and a pro with a large following on Twitter and YouTube. He says that a content creator whose entire life is about the game he's playing is different, noting if you ban the pro, you ruin his life, and if you ban the everyday hacker, they make a new account and keep hacking. While there are certainly people in support of Jarvis and calling for the ban to be lifted, there are lots of gamers out there who think the permanent ban was entirely justified.

Ninja reportedly later said in his stream that he was wrong in his initial reaction, but noted that he thought kids and adults should be treated differently when it comes to punishment, just as it is in the real world. Ninja does call Jarvis "truly clueless" for not knowing the consequences of his actions, and admits that popular games like Fortnite will be affected if content creators are handed severe punishments like permabans. Ninja does say he thinks a ban should "100% be there", he doesn't feel it should be permanent. Jarvis has also made a video where he takes responsibility for his actions and apologizes. Whether or not that's good enough to earn leniency is another question all together.

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