Nikon's New Camera Doubles As A Projector For Your PC

Nikon recently added two new compact cameras to its lineup. The new COOLPIX S1100pj broadens your ability to share photos, documents, and more with its built-in projector and ability to connect to your computer via USB. When connected to a PC, the camera can project anything that is displayed on the computer screen or JPEG images saved on the camera's memory card or internal memory.

The projector in the COOLPIX S1100pj is 40 percent brighter than its predecessor. This 14-lumen internal projector works with the camera's touchscreen user interface. For ease of use, the camera also has a built-in stand. The COOLPIX S1100pj can project images up to 47-inches from over 7-feet away.

Additional features with the COOLPIX S1100pj include a built-in slide show feature that plays photos with music, one-touch HD 720p video recording, and a 3-inch 460,000-dot LCD touchscreen with Clear Color Display. The camera also has editing features such as a new Paint function and new Retouch functions which let you edit your images directly from the camera.

The COOLPIX S1100pj has a 14.1 megapixel sensor, 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28-140mm), and 5-way VR Image Stabilization System with ISO settings up to 6400. The COOLPIX S1100pj will be available in September for $349.95 in black, violet, green, and silver.

Nikon also added the COOLPIX S5100 to its lineup. This camera features a fast start-up time, a short shutter-release time, and one-touch HD 720p movie recording at 30 fps. This 12.2 megapixel camera has a 2.7-inch LCD, 5x optical zoom, and a 4-way VR Image Stabilization System with ISO settings to 3200 at full resolution.

The COOLPIX S5100 also adds a new tripod detection function found on premium NIKKOR lenses. This feature will detect when the camera is on a tripod and adjust the exposure, ISO sensitivity, and shutter speed accordingly to reduce blur. The COOLPIX S5100 will be available in October for $179.95. It will come in four colors including black, pink, purple, and blue.